Saturday, February 3, 2007

How best to use YouTube - a new idea!

The story so far. An aim of IAFILM life is to score some high audience figures on YouTube so we can point to these when going for funding of more ambitious movie projects. Experiment 1 was to do "responses" to a big-time film-maker and that went nowhere because the other film-maker did not accept the response - I suspect because of feedback overload rather than any other reason.

Experiment 2 is an intense effort to comment generously on videos I like. Most text comments on YouTube are very simple one liners like "lol" or "wow" or "bravo! excellent video" so it MAY get some attention to make an effort to write meaningful mini-reviews.

For example: ("Le Grand Content" by "enlarge")
"I LOVE this video because I HATE most business presentations I see - and I get to see a lot! It is so good to see such an effective satire. I will enjoy pushing my teaching and business colleagues to watch this! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!"

Making an effort to comment on a very popular video does result in the comment only being visible for about 5 minutes until it is swamped off the comment front pages by the "lol" and "wow" brigade. Does that comment do something useful for IAFILM in its short readable life? Let's find out.

Most of these comments are visible by clicking on videos in the "favourites" section of Channel Iafilm.

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