Saturday, March 29, 2014

TPPA Protest March - Auckland, NZ, Sat 28 March 2014

My placard photos below from the TPPA Protest March.  I found myself focussing on the placards as representative images.

My concerns come from following the "Electronic Frontier Foundation" website
eg proposed copyright restrictions that could make it even more risky for emerging film-makers to include elements of criticism, review and current events commentary on popular culture in their movies.  

EFF TPPA page is here:

The EFF article has, based on the TPPA leaks, some positive comment on the NZ negotiators.

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) is putting fair use at risk with restrictive language in the TPP's IP chapter. US and Australia have proposed very restrictive text, while other countries such as Chile, New Zealand, and Malaysia, have proposed more flexible, user-friendly terms.

The secrecy of the negotiations mean that we cannot give NZ more than a small pat on the back for this.  It is therefore good to keep the pressure on NZ to push for fairness, public interest and open democratic discussion of the TPPA.  I would like to see more criticism of the Australian Government, our near neighbour which seems to act too much like an unquestioning follower of US policy.

Good to see us marching.  IMO increasing apathy in NZ so far this century so it is reassuring that people can get out in enough numbers to make a good show down Queen St.

News website "" report here:

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