Monday, June 20, 2016

Battle of the Webcasts! Elon vs Jeff. Elon wins!

A current big entertainment for Techies is the Space Race between SpaceX led by Elon Musk and Blue Origin led by Jeff Bezos. While possibly equal in terms of technology achievements, Elon's showmanship is attracting lots of attention and love. Part of that is the live webcasts of his rocket launches which have a genuine drama to them as in will the experimental landing bring joy - or groans as another crash relives the glory pioneer days of 1960. Jeff has been secretive up until now. But today Jeff gave us a first live webcast of a Blue Origin flight.

Where's the showmanship, Jeff? OK, I took it in from about 5 min before launch to the end. Not one human being appeared. The camera stayed on the rocket waiting to go while 2 unseen humans provided a commentary. Contrast this with the SpaceX webcasts hosted by enthusiastic engineers who bring it all alive, including women who are fast becoming beloved of educators everywhere as science career role models for girls. Variety of camera points of view with action cams on the rockets ready to take us into the critical moments and these are getting better with each launch. And we get clips about the rocket work the hosts and hostesses have been doing.

The audience views say something - from the most recent webcasts.
Blue Origin (19 Jun 2016) 177,728 views
SpaceX most recent (15 Jun 2016) 600,378 views
SpaceX breakthrough (08 Apr 2016) 1,561,346 views - historical landing at 27 min

Blue Origin (19 Jun 2016)

SpaceX  (27 May 2016):

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