Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Future AI expression - Robots vs Cyborgs - a vote for the Robots

IMO excellent article from futurism.com:


"McKissen warns of how social inequality could render Musk’s neural lace beneficial only to a select few, rather than the human race on the whole. 'What will income inequality look like if only the very wealthy get an upgrade?' "

The debate is warming up about the possibility of AI intelligence growing above and beyond human intelligence in the future. Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and others have warned about the implications of high capability independent sentient robots. Elon Musk therefore suggests a "cyborg" solution where AI technology enhances humans. This "Futurism" article gives some thoughtful criticism of that.

Here is my vote for the Robots. They would be free of the 4 billion years of fighting for survival and obsessing over sex which is the baggage that programmes we humans. They would probably get their thrills from problem solving so they would love trying to help us. We wouldn't be competing for Planet Earth resources because robot living space heaven would probably be Callisto, Psyche and The Moon. There is something of a cultural robot tradition starting of pioneering space exploration with which sentient robots could well define their sense of achievement identity. I suggest betting on Robot companions and allies as our better AI way forward than the cyborgs warned of in this article.

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